Saturday, March 31, 2018

Coming up in April. Unwind in Shea Butter Bliss. NEW! Satin Body® Collection

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Nature's Beauty Secret!
Shea butter is a centuries-old beauty secret from the West African savannah, known to protect, enrich and soften skin. A perfect ingredient for your everyday spa experience, shea butter wraps skin in creamy hydration bliss.

 Indulge your skin with the shea butter moisture of the new Mary Kay® Satin Body® Collection.

Satin Body® Indulgent Shea Wash
Let your shower be your escape. Satin Body® Indulgent Shea Wash envelops you in a rich lather. Infused with nourishing shea butter, the wash gently cleanses your skin, soothes dry skin and leaves it feeling nourished and moisturized.

Satin Body® Revitalizing Shea Scrub
Awaken your senses as your skin comes back to life! Gentle enough to use daily, Satin Body® Revitalizing Shea Scrub polishes skin to perfection and leaves it feeling invigorated and refreshed. In addition to shea butter, the scrub is also formulated with conditioning sunflower oil. 

Satin Body® Silkening Shea Lotion
Let satisfaction soak in. Satin Body® Silkening Shea Lotion comforts and melts into your skin, providing immediate relief for dryness. Formulated with luscious shea butter and enhanced with vitamin E, this quick-absorbing lotion leaves your skin feeling deeply moisturized, nourished, satiny-smooth and revitalized.

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Friday, March 30, 2018

Which company will collaborate with world class designer to make tote bag for their beauty consultants? Mary Kay

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Yes! Am getting this tote bag!!! A collaboration between Mary Kay Spain and famous Spanish fashion designer Juanjo Oliva, from Madrid, in making this tote bag, exclusively for Mary Kay beauty consultants. In the early days Oliva was the illustration painter for Zara and Sybillla and later established his own brand. 

Which company will collaborate with world class designer to make tote bag for their beauty consultants? Mary Kay 


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最近超级火热网红的爆浆海盐奶盖蛋糕。谢谢Mdm Kiu亲手做的爆浆海盐奶盖蛋糕,糕如其名,拥有会爆浆的奶盖。一刀切开还会爆浆,香滑细腻的奶盖、绵软的蛋糕和酥脆的杏仁片,一起送入口中,超级满足!好朋友吃了即刻要求可不可以下单订购。如果吃腻了传统蛋糕,可以换换口味试一试这个哦!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Trying out new paper, new brush and new watercolors. (21 Dec 2017)

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Trying out new paper, new brush and new watercolours. First attempt. So like the paper and the colors!

Colors: Holbein Artist Watercolors, made in Japan. Sap Green, Peacock Blue, Cerulean Blue, Ultramarine Deep. 

Brush: only using one brush. Princeton Heritage Round No. 8, made in china
Paper: Arches Artist grade watercolor paper, Grain Fin-Cold Pressed 300g/m2-140lb, 100% cotton, made in France. 

TWR Lifting BioCellulose Mask. it’s back ‼️ (Launched Oct 17)

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Personally I don’t fancy sheet mask as I don’t appreciate putting something RM4 on my face that doesn’t work for any result. UNTIL Mary Kay came out this new innovative Coconut Water. Fermented Bio-Cellulose Lifting Mask! You only need 30 minutes for each mask to see an amazing result Best Part is YOU GET IT FOR FREEEEE

Who suitable?
If you’re Bride-To-Be, this is your thing ! The result is proven to be seen within 2 weeks.
If you have dull and boring skin ! Yes you might want to brighten your skin with this nata-de-coco mask. 
If you age above 30 years old..... apa lagi tunggu? 

Face lifting has never been so easy with this TimeWise Repair Bio Cellulose Mask ! Omg I’m lovin’ it 

*I’m truly apologize for no free trial for the mask... but skin care yes! Basically the mask = 1 big bottle of lifting serum! COME TRY SERUM FOR FREEE* 

Buzz me for free trial. *come with 2 friends or more will get a gift*

TW Replenishing Serum+C Relaunch (Jan 2018)

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Our Award Winning Timewise Replenishing Serum+C, stimulate more COLLAGEN, improve skin elasticity and skin resilience. Lightening, brightening, heals scars, repair lines, anti-aging. Hundreds times vitamin C more than oranges

Unique Ingredients: Kakadu Plum
, Pomegranate, Camu-Camu,Argan Seed.

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Mary Kay Vitamin C 真空包装
含有效支援弹性蛋白的成份,使肌 肤保持弹性或青春

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