Thursday, September 29, 2016

Seminar 2016 Day 2 (16-17 Sept 2016)

Seminar 2016 Day 1 (16-17 Sept 2016)

Solid Rock July 2016

Monday, September 19, 2016

Dream Day Grace Kao Area (15 Sept 2016)

磐石家的双生督导。solid rock twin sister directors, Amy and Karen.

Coming up 5th offspring Wendy Sim

Go China Seminar Nanjing Day3-4 (11-14 Sept 2016)

Gifts from Mary Kay China  ^.^Y

 Staying in Hilton Nanjing RMB900 per night. Mary kay is so so great.

 Shopping and food hunting time

Thousands of people in Nanjing Olympic Sports Center

Go China Seminar Nanjing Day1-2 (11-14 Sept 2016)

Top Director Trip Achiever 2016. Congrats to Solid Rock! ^.^Y

Praise the Lord! Praise the Solid Rock Jesus Christ and everyone in Solid Rock future area

Solid Rock June 2016

Congratulation to our 3rd and 4th offspring of Solid Rock, Amy Wong and Karen Chin

Congratulation to our 3rd offspring of Solid Rock, Amy Wong. Top 1.

Top Director Trip Aegean Sea, Istanbul, Santorini, Kudasasi, Mykonos, Athens (6-14 Oct 2015)

Renewal of marriage vow at Satorini

Gala Dinner at Olympic Veladrome Cycling Stadium 

 Special made gift for all achievers

 the Blue Mosque

 The Cruise Ship  is so so big

Mykonos. so so so beautiful

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