Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Skivigorate Cleasing brush is back! 洁面仪回来咯!^.^Y

洁面仪更有效清除我们脸上的污垢让我们的肌肤更有光泽亮丽,肤色均匀!从此向豆豆, 黑头,白头,粉刺说 "拜拜" 了。

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pink Car Event @ Tawau (20 Jun 2014)

You are invited for the celebration and gifts...

Invited Speaker @ Berjaya University of Hospitality, School of Tourism (25-26 March 2014)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mary Kay Dallas Catch the Dream, Farewell dance dinner, Day 3 (20-25 May 2014)

 Singing and Dancing and Eating @ South Folk Range.

The dancing crowd

 touring around the place where the drama, Dallas, was film.

 With our Asia Pacific President, KK Chua. A devoted follower of Christ. The week before he came to Dallas, he just had a heart operation. With the letter from doctor proving his fitness, the boss allowed him to come Dallas. During his closing session, he started like this, " Not many people know that i have had a heart operation last week. My wife asked me why i still want to go to Dallas after operation. My Mary Kay job is my mission... If the Lord takes my life anytime, I will still go Dallas...   If you dont know why you come to Dallas, I pity you, because you took such a long hours flight to fly all the way here... we have a mission. Mary Kay is a mission." Yes, the mission to help women. 

 Here in Dallas, on the banner, I wrote, NSD in 2016.

Mary Kay Dallas Catch the Dream, Day 3 (20-25 May 2014)

  Representing Malaysia to share on stage. ^.^

 thanks to both fantastic Mary Kay staff who took care of us. 

 SD from Hong Kong. I was captured by the bees that she had on her jacket. 
You will faint when u see it.

A whole line of them. fainted. 

 EESD Ding Gui Ge from China

 EESD Chen Ping from China

Finally, got through the crowd and took this not-so-good photo with our
 Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Beth Lange

Director's Oath
Believing that the Company is built on the concept of the Golden Rule,
I solemnly pledge to uphold and project the Mary Kay image.
I will always conduct myself with dignity.
I will be the essence of dependability,
Honoring all the commitments that I make
I will uphold and support my sister Sales Directors
In the daily practice of the Golden Rule,
To do unto others as I would have them do unto me.
I shall always strive for a positive attitude, a clean spirit and a warm heart,
Setting the example for others to follow,
And dedicating myself to perpetuating the true Mary Kay go-give spirit
And enriching women’s lives.

This I pledge as an Independent Mary Kay Sales Director!

Mary Kay Dallas Catch the Dream, Dinner in the castle, Day 1 (20-25 May 2014)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Michael Kors Small Jetset Striped travel Tote. Sold

Michael Kors medium selma duo tone. sold

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