Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Botanical Effects Skin Care Booth @ Career Conference (14 Apr 2012)

U must see this commercial clip, soooo cutteee..

U can test all the products u want

Customized Skincare for DRY skin

Customized Skincare for OILY skin

Customized Skincare for Normal skin
(you may wonder, how about Combination skintype, find me ^^ )

I like the green color frame over the TV.  ^^

Career Conference (14 Apr 2012)

me with the sales directors

Debut of sales directors by NSD Grace Kao

My team who came to join the conference...more coming soon ^.^

overview of the conference

Pink Altis for SD

Pink BMW for NSD

Professional Image n makeover 

Achievement @ Career Conference (14 Apr 2012)

Achieved Special Luncheon ^^ 

Chubby me 

DIQ ^^ will do it another time in future

Graduate lo ^^

Mary Kay Education Path. ^.^ the design is so cute.

Special Luncheon @ Career Conference (14 Apr 2012)

d lamb and asparagus are so nice... yummy ^.^

Mr Dave Grant, the Vice president of Mary Kay Asia pacific Region. 

Achievers of the luncheon.

my tummy is big ^.^ bringing my 4mths old Abraham with me. 

caramel yuummy

Shuk Vun, my first BC who achieve this challenge. Congratulations. many more coming.. glorifying God's name.

Grace Kao Area Recognition Nite (13 Apr 2012)

NSD Grace Kao leading songs for our area, praising God's name. ^^

Presentation by BC and SD from East Malaysia.

Dance presentation.

Door gifts by Grace Kao.

Recognition gift. I've got 2 of them. 1 for DIQ and the other 1 for...cant remember. too many gifts ^^

This one for achieving the contest of making 100 people beautiful

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Red Jacket University Graduation @ Career Conference (14 April 2012)

Thank God for this! Joyful moment. Nothing is impossible for those who trust in Him. ^^

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