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'New Look' for my blog

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I have been using the same background and color for my blog for > 3yrs. bit bored already. but have no time, no idea, no mood to improve it. Tonite is the nite. haha feel like doing it.

Spend few hrs exploring, organizing, writing, designing, clicking, testing .. tadaaa. Here you are. My blog has a makeover. yo! New look.

I like the pink-pink look and colour. sweet. relax.

stay tune for more update lol

Mary Kay Seminar 2011

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Malaysia and Singapore Seminar 2011
16 – 17 Sept

Berjaya Times Square Hotel,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
14th Floor, Grand Ballroom

Day 1 (16 September 2011)
- Seminar opening
- Rest & enjoy packed dinner for all attendees
- Seminar Royal Reception by invitation only
- Awards Night

Day 2 (17 September 2011)
- Breakfast
- Education
- General Lunch and Special Luncheon
- Recognition, motivation and Seminar closing ceremony

Seminar Recognition
Awards Night Recognition
- Annual Go Give Award
- Queen’s Court of Personal Sales (BC & SD)
- Queen’s Court of Sharing
- Circle of Achievement
- Circle of Excellence
- Queen’s Court of Unit Production

On stage Recognition
- New Executive Senior Sales Director Debut
- New Sales Director Debut
- Move up Career Level
- Red Jacket University Graduate
- Star Consistency Go China Seminar
- New Sales Director Challenge
- Career Level Recognition (NSD – FISD)
- Pink Car Achiever
- Quarter 4 Special Luncheon Achiever

Sunday, July 24, 2011


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玫琳凯·艾施是一位值得我永远崇敬的女性。她从来不会丧失捍卫真理的勇气。我相信,美国的伟大正在于有许许多多像玫琳凯女士这样崇高的人。 美国第一夫人劳拉·布什






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Rosamund Kwan 关之琳 - Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

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This year (2008) in April, the international star Rosamund Kwan 关之琳became a Mary Kay beauty consultant. Her instructor is a well-known Hong Kong movie star, Mary Kay Associate Chief Luo Hui juan 罗慧娟.

Luo Hui juan (Jacqueline)has entered showbiz when she was 17, acted in more than 20 TV drama. She is famous for her acting in "Book and Sword". She partnered performance in Stephen Chow's movie "matchless gallantry" and started a relationship with Stephen Chow when neither one of them is popular. They pursued their own career development. The two broke up after Stephen Chow's hit comedy.

Now she is the Associate Principal of Mary Kay cosmetics, Luo Hui Juan is actively involved in the beauty business, her main job is to teach others skincare, and then co-promote the products. She found the course very much the same to the direction of her life, and can help build self-confidence. She also take the opportunity to share the gospel. She said."Mary Kay's belief and what I believe is very much the same, God let me use this work to share His gospel." .

Until Jesus is glorified, I will not be satisfied.

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Recently as more people know that I joined Mary Kay as Beauty Consultant and starting my business, many look at me with different expressions and giving me words... some look at me with weird and skeptical stares, some comes with encouraging words, some even invited me to attain direct-selling talks...hmmm... I ponder for awhile whether to write something out of this. better write la.

Doing Mary Kay is not an end. It's a means to an end. (Being in a beauty, skincare n makeup industry never cross my mind. I want to be a songwriter, worship leader, ok.)

Early in my ministry, God called me to lead a group of girls, hence I became the Girls Brigade Captain for many years. Recently, the Lord led me to minister to ladies, therefore I became a beauty consultant. There are lots of people in need out there. Just give you an example, only last Tuesday till Fri, already ministered to 4 ladies. Glory to God. As a tent-maker now, sales from Mary Kay products will be where part of my earnings come from. I also have a body and family and I need food on the table leh.

I wanto take this opportunity also to thank people have encouraged me and helped me in many ways. The Lord send you as angels to surround me, encourage me and pray for me. I just cant name all of you. too many of you. cheers! God bring u all to be part to my success. Moving up the Mary Kay career path (2 steps to Director) in such a short time is a miracle to many people, for me with no background knowledge n small network of people I know in KK. If its not God who back me up, how can I move up!

M bringing Jesus wherever I go, I'm not ashamed of the Gospel of Hope. I pray that more people know Jesus and encounter Him.

All glory be to my Great God, Jehovah. and Until Jesus is glorified, I will not be satisfied.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mary Kay Team Leader Pin (20 July 2011)

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UP the career path. Added 1 to my team this month, July. Now 3 in my team lol. Status now, Team Builder. This was awarded by Director Lim Siew Choo this Wednesday, 20 July, during our unit meeting. Wore it together with my Red Jacket. Nice! Going to Seminar this Sept in KL to receive recognition. Yo!

I'm very happy to be in this group and under director/teacher Siew Choo. Wonderful time of testifying God's goodness, fellowship and ministering to all ladies during our unit meeting on Wednesday. Fantabulous.

2 coming in in August. Will have 5 in my team. Wonderful women of God. yeah yeah!

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Mary Kay ESRS Training - Won best goal poster! yeah!

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Proud to have attended Mary Kay new beauty consultant training, ESRS (Essential Steps to Reach Success) on 22-23 April, with 2 beautiful-buddy-beauty consultant, Yolanda n Gerri.

Won the best goal poster! Given a RM200 voucher, ESRS pin, Certificate of completion, free gift in answering questions (answers must be correct la). yo. glory be to God!

What is ESRS all about?
Solid foundation to begin Mary Kay career. Learn many things... know all about the Company and its philosophy, understand skin type n problem n treatment, how to conduct skincare n makeup classes, how to conduct business professionally, financial management, expand people network... fun.

All new beauty consultant must join. really fun.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Mary Kay Dream Team. "Together we dream and achieve, for Jesus."

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I want to thank the Lord for providing and giving me wonderful team members, Yolanda and Geraldine (Gerri). Not only beauty consultant under my group, but also caring friend and strong woman in Christ who encourages me. I just cannot help but thank the Lord for providing me this team.

Yolanda join in Mar 2011. Gerri in May 2011. wanto bless them and help them with all that I can to help be successful in their carreer path following God's way.

This month, 1 more team member added to my group, Karen. Had the new consultant training with her last week. She brought her sis. Her sis also wants to learn. wow!

More people coming, joining...

This is God's business. be the head, shining for Jesus! Amen. really looking forward to my journey ahead with them.

I'm planning to attend the Mary Kay Red Jacket University next month, August. need the support from my team to complete the assignment given.

Matt 5:6 "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled." Lord, this is the promise you have given me. Do the RIGHT thing. pls bless me, so that I can be a blessing to others.

Together we dream and achieved for Christ!

Hey sister go, sister go..

Achieved "Emerald" Star Consultant, Jan-Mar 2011

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To God be the glory.

I really dunno how I can make it to "Emerald" Star Consultant in quarter 3, Jan-Mar 2011. The only reason is God Himself did it for me, for His glory. yeah!

Giftssssss I received from the Mary Kay office:
1. Recognition in Applause Magazine
2. Ladder of Success (LOS) - metal star ladder
3. LOS plug 1
4. Crystal - Emerald
5. Pensonic Coffee Maker
6. Pensonic Food Steamer

Share you some pix. see.

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