Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rosamund Kwan 关之琳 - Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

This year (2008) in April, the international star Rosamund Kwan 关之琳became a Mary Kay beauty consultant. Her instructor is a well-known Hong Kong movie star, Mary Kay Associate Chief Luo Hui juan 罗慧娟.

Luo Hui juan (Jacqueline)has entered showbiz when she was 17, acted in more than 20 TV drama. She is famous for her acting in "Book and Sword". She partnered performance in Stephen Chow's movie "matchless gallantry" and started a relationship with Stephen Chow when neither one of them is popular. They pursued their own career development. The two broke up after Stephen Chow's hit comedy.

Now she is the Associate Principal of Mary Kay cosmetics, Luo Hui Juan is actively involved in the beauty business, her main job is to teach others skincare, and then co-promote the products. She found the course very much the same to the direction of her life, and can help build self-confidence. She also take the opportunity to share the gospel. She said."Mary Kay's belief and what I believe is very much the same, God let me use this work to share His gospel." .

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