Sunday, July 24, 2011

Until Jesus is glorified, I will not be satisfied.

Recently as more people know that I joined Mary Kay as Beauty Consultant and starting my business, many look at me with different expressions and giving me words... some look at me with weird and skeptical stares, some comes with encouraging words, some even invited me to attain direct-selling talks...hmmm... I ponder for awhile whether to write something out of this. better write la.

Doing Mary Kay is not an end. It's a means to an end. (Being in a beauty, skincare n makeup industry never cross my mind. I want to be a songwriter, worship leader, ok.)

Early in my ministry, God called me to lead a group of girls, hence I became the Girls Brigade Captain for many years. Recently, the Lord led me to minister to ladies, therefore I became a beauty consultant. There are lots of people in need out there. Just give you an example, only last Tuesday till Fri, already ministered to 4 ladies. Glory to God. As a tent-maker now, sales from Mary Kay products will be where part of my earnings come from. I also have a body and family and I need food on the table leh.

I wanto take this opportunity also to thank people have encouraged me and helped me in many ways. The Lord send you as angels to surround me, encourage me and pray for me. I just cant name all of you. too many of you. cheers! God bring u all to be part to my success. Moving up the Mary Kay career path (2 steps to Director) in such a short time is a miracle to many people, for me with no background knowledge n small network of people I know in KK. If its not God who back me up, how can I move up!

M bringing Jesus wherever I go, I'm not ashamed of the Gospel of Hope. I pray that more people know Jesus and encounter Him.

All glory be to my Great God, Jehovah. and Until Jesus is glorified, I will not be satisfied.

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