Thursday, June 5, 2014

The story of a Korean Sales Director, Kyung Nam, Park (21 May 2014)

This is a story of a Korean Sales Director, Kyung Nam, Park. We met at Dallas, 'Catch the Dream'. She is accompanied by a helper/sign language translator throughout the sessions. Kyung Nam is a handicapped person. She is deaf. Before she joined Mary Kay, she is a factory worker. After the factory closed down she was jobless and lived by welfare support. She joined Mary Kay after attending skincare classes, 5 times. She likes Mary Kay very much and joined all Mary Kay events. Her recruiter was so touched and went to take up sign language classes in order to better communicate with her. She became one of the Sales Director of Mary Kay Korea in 20 months. She achieved 2 times challenge to US, Dallas. She has achieved pink car challenge last April. She said pink car is a birthday gift from God to her. She said she has encountered many difficulties in life. She said she is not smart but she is willing to learn and set goals. In Mary Kay, she learned to be independent and has become a better person. She reminded herself to remember the Company’s Golden Rule, respect others, do not be proud, be patient with others and do not give up on your dreams. She said, “I can do it, so everyone can do it!”

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