Monday, April 5, 2010

ABC soup with belly pork (or pork ribs)

This morning, I managed to rush to Thai Seng to do some grocery and as I saw the pork ribs and belly, yo… the ABC soup came to my mind. Then, I rushed home to cook this soup. Haha, My hubby also helped me out by reminding me of details… I guessed he’s afraid that I will mess things up. No, I will not… I’m smart k.
So, ABC… it's as simple as A, B and C.

Serve for 2

2 carrot, cut into chunks
1 onion, quartered
Belly pork, as you like
2 tomatoes, quartered

Prepare 1 litre of water. Boil the belly pork for 2 minutes. Remove the water. Then, pour everything into the pot, boil for 10 minutes, then simmer over low heat for another 40-50 minutes. Checked tenderness of the belly pork, take it out and sliced it once cooked. You can season with salt as you like. But I don’t, because the soup is good enough without salt. I have no time prepare dipping sauce so I used dark soy sauce. Serve with warm rice and enjoy. Wow! I've tasted it. It’s superb. (I only reserve the clear soup for my hubby...haha) You must taste it. (I forgot to take picture of it.) Try it out. This nutritious and yet simple meals is tasty and time-saving.

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