Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mary Kay Report (Oct 2011): Ranking Position in Sabah & Malaysia

Top unit sales: SSD Lim Siew Choo - No.3 in Sabah. No.24 in whole Malaysia

Top unit size: SSD Lim Siew Choo - No.9 in Sabah. No.71 in whole Malaysia

Top unit Activity Rate: SSD Lim Siew Choo - No.1 in Sabah. No. 8 in whole Malaysia

Top Personal Sales:

SSD Lim Siew Choo - No.2 in Sabah. No.22 in whole Malaysia.

FSD Christina Foo - No.10 in Sabah. No.91 in whole Malaysia.

“A dream is just a wish until you act upon it, and then it becomes a goal ! many times we say, “someday”. I want to tell you that it will never happen ”someday”. You must plan your work and work your plan” – Mary Kay Ash

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