Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It’s ok to FAIL it’s not ok to Quit

‎'Those who are blessed with the most talent don't necessarily outperform everyone else. It's the people with follow-through who excel.' (Mary Kay Ash)

I’ve joined Mary Kay as beauty consultant since Jan 2011 and have seen and heard many success stories from my mentors and the seniors.  But, I've also seen some given up along the way.  I realized that those who success all shared some common things – consistent, persistent, focus and never give up.  (I want to thank God for giving me many wonderful mentors, helping me, praying for me, teaching and encourage me.)

Mary Kay Ash said, ‘We fall forward to succeed.’

We can be a successful person if we never give up our dream. Many successful people failed a lot of times but they don't give up and keep learning and working to pursue their dream. If Thomas Edison gave up making a lamp we would still be living in candles for light. hmmm...There are just so many success stories to quote…Lance Armstrong, KFC - Colonel Sanders...

Perhaps, you must watch the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness”.  It is based on the life story of Chris Gardner, an on-and-off-homeless salesman-turned stockbroker. He was a man who had no money, no job and with a young son to took care of (a situation where many people will give up). He went from a lowest point of life to the highest. The epilogue reveals that Chris went on to form his own multi-million dollar brokerage firm. If you and I, ever, I said ever, think of giving up, watch this movie!

Quotes from Chris Gardner
“Make Your Vision Larger Than Yourself”

“It’s Your Responsibility To Pursuit What Matters”

“We were homeless, we were not hopeless. There’s a world of difference.”

“Do something that you love. Whatever you’re going to do is going to be tough enough. Find something that gets you so excited that the sun can’t come up early enough in the morning because you want to go do your thing.”

“There is no plan B for passion”

“Ready or not, Tell yourself to jump”

“It’s ok to FAIL it’s not ok to Quit”

“Baby steps count, as long as you are going forward. You add them all up, and one day you look back and you’ll be surprised at where you might get to.”

“Don’t ever let someone tell you you can’t do something. Not even me.”

So, what's your dream? How long have you been pursuing it? Have you given up on your dream? Keep trying. Keep pursuing. We will be meeting each other in a great place one day testifying God’s goodness throughout our journey of success.

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