Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dark Circles and Puffiness (Q&A)

Q: What causes dark circles and puffiness around the eyes?

A: Environmental Exposure

Everyday environmental exposure to sun, smoke and other pollutants can cause the skin's network of collagen and elastin fibers to deteriorate. The delicate undereye area is often the first place you see signs of damage. Left untreated, skin beneath the eyes can slacken, becoming more vulnerable to puffiness.

UV Damage

Chronic environmental exposure to free-radical damage caused by UV rays can increase the size and number of the blood vessels underneath the eye. This proliferation can lead to visible dark circles.


As part of the natural aging process, the layer of support under the eye – an area known as the infraorbital fat pad, essential for maintaining a youthful look – begins to break down. The result can be a shadowy, sunken look in the undereye area.

External Irritants

A number of external irritants – among them allergens, dust and pollutants – can cause the undereye area to swell, resulting in puffiness. Rubbing only makes the problem worse and is even thought to contribute to the appearance of dark circles.

Excess Melanin

Often caused by hereditary factors, excess melanin in the skin can appear as dark circles.

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