Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ebenezer with God brothers - Crawling Competition

(My mum told me this story as I was busy talking to the mum of my 3 Godsons at the dining area.)

Ebenzer (1.5 yrs old) and 3 of my Godsons, Nixon, Mason and Elson (10-7yrs) had crawling competition in the living room at my parents' hse on 1 Feb. They were to crawl from the starting point and return to the starting point to finish the competition.

Funny thing happens... the competition starts.... when my son crawled to the middle of the line and he saw the God brothers was crawling so fast to the other end and starting to crawl back to reach the finish line, he knew he will lose... guess what happen... Remember, Ebenezer was in the middle, He stand up, turned back, ran as fast as he can to the finish line, sit down and raise his hand, telling them that He is the winner. The maid said, "Wah! Ini Ah cai memang pandai ya." When my mum told me this I laughed. He is very smart. This was so funny. (But I hope it wont happen when he is older, what more if he is in competition during school sports' day...)

Too bad we didn't capture any picture, but this will be our memory.

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