Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mary Kay Star Consultant - Special Luncheon Invitation 16 Apr 2011

Received a letter from the Mary Kay Malaysia Head Office this morning, informing me of achieving Diamond Star Consultant for Quarter 3 Ladder of Success 2011 as of 28 Feb 2011.

Special Luncheon Invitation
This is for Ruby, Diamond or Emerald Star Consultant in Quarter 2 and Quarter 3. Invited to attend April, 16, 2011 Special Luncheon together with attending spouse at Career Conference, Berjaya Time Square Hotel Ballroom 3.

Quarter 3 will end on 31 March 2011.

Keys to success:
1. prayer
2. work smart
3. stay focus


  1. All things comes from God, and of your own we give You.

  2. Hi, Im a Mk Consultant from Argentina. Best Wishes!!!
    Mk Style!!!


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