Friday, October 28, 2016

TDT Budapest Day 4 (5-12 Oct 2016)

Budapest Train station 🚈
Taking Railjet OBB Hugh speed train.
Budapest-Keleti - kelenföld - Tatabanya - Györ - Mosonmagyarovar - Hegyeshalom - Wien Hbf (Vienna)


Traditional Viennese dish. Veal 😋
Schnitzel 炸小牛排 meat, thinned by pounding with a meat tenderizer, coated with flour, beaten eggs and bread crumbs, and then fried.

 Mozart, Beethoven, Handel often played here in this cafe 

Mozart stayed here. Mozart House Museum. 

 St Stephen Basilica

Lunch at the Huft, the traditional Viennese restaurant. Schnitzel, Apple strudel, classic Viennese beef soup (national soup which was filled with slices of pancakes)

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